Space Clearing

“It only took one space clearing session with Brenda to remove the negative energies that were polluting our house. Through her dowsing techniques she was able to pinpoint the problem and she was able to remove the unwanted energies on the spot. It’s like we are living in a new house every since she rebalanced the energy flow within/around our house. Forever grateful."

– Megan B, Queensbury

Space clearing is another aspect of Feng Shui with specific applications. Using certain dowsing methods, I neutralize noxious energies, remove negative thought forms, and remove ghost and entities, rebalancing the energy field of any location.
My space clearing work also includes buildings that are new, but were constructed (often unknowingly) atop ancient burial sites where excavation has release the negative energy.
Noxious energies may relate to underground moving water, unstable wiring, proximity to large electrical power lines, earthquakes, and other negative events.
Grids for containment and protection can be placed under buildings, around structures, cars, and even around people.
A healthy home and or business contributes to the health and well-being of all occupants and enhance business success.​

Space Clearing consultations are $75 per hour plus a mileage charge of $.60 per mile