Feng Shui

“Brenda helped me transform my space to create a more nurturing and peaceful home environment for my family.”

Laurie M Queensbury

I have been practicing Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui since 1995 and consulting and teaching Feng Shui since 1997. My service area includes New York, Vermont, and western Massachusetts.
Through the use of color, light, movement, sound, and texture I can create a comfortable and supportive environment for any home or business.
Properly scaling the size and amount of furniture for the space provided, knowing the impact of certain colors in certain areas of your home or workplace, and taking into account the traffic flow and the amount of natural light available can make all the difference in the functionality of your space and the comfort it provides.
Using the personal goals and specific needs of the client, we create optimal results. If you are a new homeowner, Feng Shui can personalize your space and remove predecessor energy. If you need to sell your home, staging advice is also offered.
As a business owner, Feng Shui can help create a working environment that reduces employee fatigue, increases productivity, creativity and creates a welcoming customer atmosphere.

Feng Shui consultations are $75 per hour plus a mileage charge of $.60 per mile